How to replace a fuel pump

When your fuel pump is working optimally, your automobile will also run smoothly. However, the opposite is also true. For example, when your fuel pump is clogged, the flow of fuel will be limited. It is essential to ensure that all the pump components are working in order. These include fuel filters, fuel pickups, the pump relays and the electrical connectors. The pump is mostly found on the fuel tank. Open the pump and have someone turn the ignition key on while you take time to listen to the opening of the filter. If the fuel pump is working, you will hear it hum for about three seconds. If there is no sound, then it means that you need to replace it.

The first step is to find the fuel pump fuse and the fuel pump relay. The fuse might be blown in which case you should replace it using the same ampere. Once you replace it, find out if the fuel pump resumes working. If it does, the problem has been solved but if it does not work, you should check for power as well as ground on the fuel pump.

You might have to remove the fuel tank and probably the back seat. If you find that there is power and ground on the pump, it is definite that you have a faulty fuel pump. Relax the fuel system pressure and then disconnect the battery on the negative. Once this is done, drain fuel from the tank and disconnect the filler tube horse. You should also disconnect the electrical connection to the fuel pump. Use a jack to support the fuel tank and then remove the straps and bolts that attach the tank to its frame and then lower the tank. You should also disconnect fuel lines and then get the pump out of the tank. You should then install a new fuel pump following the same procedure to get everything back in place.

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