How To Install Electric Fuel Pump

The ground terminal battery, the electrical connectors on the electric fuel pump must first be disconnected. It helps to label the wires because this will help in reconnection. You should also remove the fuel and vapor lines and label them as well to help with installation. You might also need to remove the fuel tank in order to install the electric fuel pump.

Some fuel pumps are outside the tank. In such a case, you will have to remove the bolts that keep them in place and then loosen the retaining ring. The pump and the sending unit can then be pulled out. Most will be combined as a single unit and you will find a tank O-ring seal that you should get rid of.

The pump is then removed by twisting the filter sock and pushing the pump up so that the bottom is free from the bracket. The pump is then swung to one side and pulled down so that it is freed from the rubber fuel line coupler.

If the pump has a rubber jacket, around it, slip it off and then replace the old pump with a new one. The jacket is usually used to quiet off the pump and you will always find a rubber sound insulator that’s located between the bottom of the pump and the bracket. This, as well as the coupler should be discarded since a new pump will have all that.

Before replacing the old pump with a new one, do a comparison and if need be, transfer fuel line fittings from the old one to the new one. Make sure you know the position of the filter sock so that it will not be a problem installing the new pump. Also, ensure that you don’t bend the bracket when installing the new pump and that the rubber sound insulator is in the right place.

A new filter sock should also be installed and then the pump wires reconnected. It is essential to ensure that the right polarity is achieved and the O-ring seal on the fuel tank opening is replaced as well. The pump and sender assembly should then be placed back in their right positions in the tank and the locking ring should be tightened and the pump assembly secured using bolts. Replace the fuel if it was removed and make sure the electrical connectors and the ground terminal have been reconnected.

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