What fuel pump do I need?

Choosing the Right Type of Fuel Pump is actually easy. Though there are many ways that have been floated, the best way to choose the right fuel pump would be to use your fuel system. There are three aspects that will enable you to do so.

First is the horse power that your automobile’s engine will yield. The second aspect is the fuel pressure that is needed for your engine. And finally is voltage provided to your fuel pump when your engine is on the move will also determine the type of fuel pump you choose.

It is therefore important to understand the amount of horsepower that your engine has because it determines the flow of fuel needed to support it. When horsepower increases, the volume of fuel needed to support the power will increase as well.

You should also consider fuel pressure. A carbureted engine for example needs 4 – 7 psi while a GM LS engine operates on 58 psi. It is essential that you determine the highest pressure your engine needs since fuel pressure plays a major role on how much a fuel pump is able to produce. Fuel pumps flow at the optimum when there is no pressure. When fuel pressure rises, fuel flow will experience a decline. Fuel pumps have contrasting flow volumes at specific pressures. But this is just part of the scheme.

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