What is a fuel Pump?

The fuel pump is an integral part of an automobile or any other engine that uses internal combustion. While some older models of automobiles do not need the fuel pump, the new gravity based engines must have a fuel pump as an indispensible and integral part. As a matter of fact, the fuel pump is referred to as the “heart of the vehicle” showing just how essential it is. There are two types of fuel pumps namely:

Mechanical fuel pumps which is in two types.  There is the old version of the mechanical pump and the new version known as the GDI pump. You will find the old model on engines that contain carburetors and the new type of fuel pumps that are high pressured and are also known as the Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI).

Electrical fuel pumps that are generally found in injection systems that became popular just before the GDI systems. In contrast to the old mechanical fuel pump, the electrical pump is generally found in or near the fuel tank. There are a number of electrical fuel pumps that can be found in the market today and they are used for a number of functions.

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